Our Areas of Expertise

We specialize in Outdoor Advertising, Delhi Metro Advertising, Brand Development, Marketing, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Public Relations, OOH  Media, Audit Mechanism, Innovations, Electronic (TV, Radio), Newspaper Media Advertising, Designing and Printing of Brochures, Catalouges, leaflets etc., Event  management, Corporate Gifts /Novelties Solutions & other promotion services.




Delhi Metro Advertising

DMRC-Advertising  DMRC-Advertising-2  DMRC-Advertising-3

Why Choose Delhi Metro Advertising ?

Delhi Metro advertising is an ideal solution to target a captive commuter audience throughout their journey – from the station concourse, to the platform and on the train itself – it’s an end-to-end media story. 

Advertising inside Metro Trains, Tripods & Frisking Panel on Stations. The benefits of advertising with Delhi Metro.

» Reaches consumers on the move

» More than 20 Lacs commuters.

» Captured audience

» Prominent size – easily noticeable

» Clutter free

» Impact full environment

» Mass appeal – convenient medium for all

» Value for money

» Higher frequency – higher retention

» Excellent support medium (reinforcing)


pptx_macPresentation for advertising on Frisking Panels

pptx_macPresentation for advertising on Metro Guide Map

pptx_macPresentation Delhi metro

mac_xlsx_excelDelhi Metro Trains Delhi Routes





OOH Media / Outdoor Advertising

OOH Media includes : Hoardings, Unipoles, Billboards, Bridge Panels, Kiosks, Bus Panels & Wall Paintings etc.

BridgePanel Unipole Unipole-2 PublicUtility

Billboard BridgePanel-2 BusPanel BusPanel-2

BusPanel-3 hoarding Hordings Hordings-3


  1. Comprehensive and resourceful planning and buying of OOH media properties depending on target groups, Reach, Duration, Size, Frequency , Budget etc.
  2. Selection of Sites after evaluation of characterstics and suitability
  3. Dealing and negotiation with media owners
  4. Competitor analysis


Structured monitionring with checkpoints at various stages to ensure regular effective display during the duration of campaign


Customised innovation Like Cut outs/LEDetc. for clients to get maximum results Including Flex Printing


mac_xlsx_excel Haryana 

pdf-icon Uttarakhand and UP  

pptx_macDelhi – A

pptx_mac Raipur

pptx_mac Jamshedpur

pptx_mac Jaipur 





Bus Shelters Advertising

BusShelter-1 BusShelter-3 BusShelter-2







Radio Advertising

redfm radiomirch radio-city

Why Choose Radio Advertising ?

One of the best advantages of radio advertising is the ability to reach so many people at one time. Anyone that listens to that radio station can hear your commercial rather than just the people who drive down a certain road seeing your billboard.

Over the years, Radio has become an important and attractive media consideration.

Often referred to as “theatre of the mind”, radio (especially FM) provides an opportunity to reach target audience affordably with an involving environment and with an effective message frequency.

Given the objective of establishing a brand image, radio serves as an excellent image builder. Unlike ad films, production of radio spots is very affordable. Radio offers immediacy. Consumer responds quickly to commercial they hear. Many advertisers benefit from this media without sacrificing their budgets.

We have tie ups with the leading Radio Partners across the country.




Event  Management

event-management Event-management-2 productlaunch

We creates events , with the touch of magic to inspire anf transform audience and deleive focused and turn-key solutions from strategy and content development to creative,design video, production and programe mangement

  1. Corporate events
    » Conferences and Seminars
    » Products Launches
    Residential Conferences
    Media/Press Meets
    Customer Dealers Interactions
  2. Exhibitions & Visual merchandise
    POP design
    Installation Arts
    Exhibhition Design
  3. Special Events like fairs etc.




Corporate Gifts /Novelties Solution / Promotional Services

corporate-Gift-3 conferance-gifts Canopi


  1. Promotional Displays like Standy, Canopy
  2. Signages (Fabrication and Installation
  3. Glowsign Boards
  4. LED Boards
  5. Flex Printing
  6. Supply of customized innovative Promotional corporate gifts /novelties
  7. Leather products/goods including folders, organizers, wallets etc.
  8. Steel and brass gifts
  9. Cups and Mugs
  10. Pen Sets
  11. Desktop Items including Coasters,mousepads, Mobile holders etc.
  12. T-shirts & Caps, Key Chains
  13. WallClocks & Watches
  14. Corporate Monntous , Promotionl Awards etcAnd many more





Quality Offset / Printing Solutions

offset-3  offset-4 offset-2

We provide one stop printing solution that fits your requirement. We have inhouse setup of Four Colour Printing Press.

From Designing to Printing we do it all. Some of our core expertise in :

» Creation of LOGO

» Designing of Brochures/Catalouges/leaflets etc.

» Printing , Packaging and supply of material

» Annual Reports Printing

» Bill Books / Letter Heads / Business Cards

» Banner Printing (all mediums & high quality prints)

» Keep check at every point of process of printing





Brand Development , Marketing, Sales Promotion


  1. Strategic Planning to move customers behavior and acceleration of sales
  2. Make client believe that their product is amaging and suggest them right promotional strategy working in coordination with their campaign can get the product into the consumers hand and create new repeat customers
  3. The right marketing Strategy to get advantage of shopper behavior both inside and outside the retail environment
  4. To manage clients relationship with their customers and keep track of buying pattern to allow them not only to meet their needs but anticipate , too

Direct Marketing
We help our clients to communicate directly and convincingly to their customers (existing/perspective) via targeted email programs, traditional direct mail and tele-marketing

Public Relations
Suggest and execute plans that benefits our clients to raise their image by dealing with outside media houses